100% Working Model 'Payoff' to a Human Being

Easy Map ahead to Best Life Possible

I Am

Source of All says I am because I am. When anyone on Earth says I am, the next words 'make' their reality. Those next words after I am, will create the relationships you have. Including your relationship with yourself or how you 'feel' about yourself. The reason why you were made is to 'Know Thyself' The 'Map' of every person is 'every person' and inside every person.

Each person is like two sides of a coin. 50/50 or equal measure of Sympathetic Nurturing Heart energies and equal measure of Explorative Calculating Brain energies. We see this expressed in our physicality as Men and Women. We see it inside each person in their Heart and Brain. We see it in everything we think, say, feel, do and create. There is always a share of each of these energies.

When you run into people who seem so peaceful and balanced, it is as usual, things are what they appear to be. You are seeing a peaceful and balanced person because they are peaceful and balanced. Across the population you have observed and the people you interact with and peep on, you see many levels of distance or closeness of Heart and Brain energies. One wants to be sympathetic, nurturing and eternal and the other wants to explore, calculate and break things.

Magic is the same word for hard work. Hard work equals magic.

When you run into peaceful and balanced people, they have done the work necessary to identify themselves and balance themselves. Their success is the key to the world healing. More people getting involved is the door.

Non-lie be told. We get 'paid' for every thought, every action, every sound we make. Every intention. You are getting 'paid' 24/7 1440 minutes a day, 86400 seconds per day. There is a constant push and pull inside you. Your Heart wants you to come Home and take care of you and yours. Your Brain wants to go out further and explore more. Identify this, do the hard work, magic appears in your Life.

A constant feedback, response and call to application across all your bodily and mental systems.


Any action or non-action results in it's equal measure. What happened to Tartaria? Tartaria was the previous civilization of Earth which was for the most part a one world society. The accurate timelines and history are kept from the general population. They understood how to harness energy from the air and channel it through water. Tesla story was a diversion amongst thousands more to deflect us from the previous civilizations here.

Tartaria was superiorly advanced in Natural Harnessing of Energy and Natural Law of Respect for Others. They were also highly advanced in structure building, adornment and enjoying Physicality to it's fullest. At some point they lost their balance of Sympathetic Energies and Explorative Energies. They took their eyes and Hearts off the Ball of Balance. Their leanings toward physical things and away from the Creator of it all led to their loss of Vigilance in the face of Danger.

Most probably, they were not suddenly attacked with no warning. Most probably, like today, there were literally mega tons of evidence that Tartarians should notice and react to. They did not. They were not ready. Their Heart Rhythms had not grown to a high enough rhythm to meet their Maker. A reset occurred, with entities from the outer rings and collaborators inside, leading it.

Who runs the show now?

They (our current hierarchy) have had similar coups/setups to our situation before as we can logically deduce. This means there were most probably also other Tartarian style Empires too. Our media and publishers belong to a club of approval. If you are not approved, you are clubbed. Look at what is approved and disapproved. Look at who you can criticize and who you cannot.

This scenario of what happened to Tartaria is easily recognizable in any single person, pairing or group. When we balance our Calculating and Exploring Brain to our Sympathetic Eternal Nurturing Heart we will have the best Life possible. The ultimate payoff.

What is the major confusion on this?

Confusion is from not recognizing the fusion of Sympathetic Eternal White Energy AND Explorative Destructive Energy. These two energies are EQUAL and within every person and thing!. Two sides of the same coin. One cannot live without the other! If one leaves, both die. They are not and WILL NOT give up their bond. They are inextricably linked and married forever! You will never be taken over by BAD FORCES!

This principle is demonstrated in everything we think, feel, say, write, make and in our relationships with others and ourselves. This principle is self evident and easily observed. For those who choose to make BAD ONLY real - you have the power to make that make believe - real to you. Once this is recognized - the work to repair can begin.

Here is the formula: Half Dark/Bad/Worse AND Half Light/Good/Better. Two Halves - Make a Whole or One

Whenever you look at something or judge an idea it is a fusion of Light and Dark. As long as the Brain respects the Heart and vice versa - Best Life Possible

Who is the good genie and the bad genie on my shoulders? They are your Sympathetic Heart and your Calculating Brain. When they agree - best Life possible.

Disagreements and Validation and Expectations

Disagreements and stumbling blocks and 'Walls' can be found in disagreements. Whether the disagreement is within your Being, with an individual or in a group, it is always a wall we come to, or a stumbling block or a point of disagreement. It is primarily because of unclear expectations and missing validation. Always go back to previous points of agreement - get some validation - and go back to that wall with more determination than before. If you keep going back and forth between your expectations, your needed validation and your challenge - you will overcome and progress. And you will be bringing Souls with you!


Startaria and You have all the answers we need. Better means Bet Her. Worse means Whirling "S" Life (S means coming/going or Death/Re-Birth cycle) You can Star t now. Make your Life Startaria.

What is the Payoff?

The Big Payoff - Is Happening Now to Everyone. We are discovering that within each person is not only the dynamic of Inward and Outward Centripetal Energies but they also directly relate to Male/Female AND Sympathetic vs Explorative Energies. All Blended/Weaved with the One.

This shows Us that we have a view from the Bridge of the modern "A", we can literally 'See' the Inward and the Outward, the Up and the Down. Progression and Digression. The point and the trash. The pressure and the relaxed. Completed things and incomplete things. Where we have been and where we can be. (In Ancient Greek the A had no bridge across)

What is next and Who Cares?

How many of us (most of us?) are fully engaged in dis-engagement of our true selves. Independently gathering data but so into pride (Distancing our Heart from our Brain) that we are missing the "P" Ride! The Perfect Ride. You are Perfect. No need to look for imperfections anymore!

What we do next is highly regarded by Source/One/Most High - All those who came before - And All entities from All Realms. You are experiencing Now, the Biggest Payoff of All Time and Non-Time. Congrats, you are here.

Steps to Leveling Up

Anon asked about how to deal with manic speaking from yourself or others.

My answer: When I am speaking in pressured manic speech it signals an attack on the sympathetic (mine and whoever hears me) but I try to always back engineer it whether it was me speaking manically or someone else - what led up to it? Where were there previous agreements. Always find a way to 'back up your POV' and 'review' what has happened. You will find the 'hiccup' was in a previous agreement that was unclear. Clear it and move on! Sometimes you are missing info and that is why it is unclear. However, in these times of info sharing, no info is missing, only discernment. If you need discernment then look at anyplace an action causes a reaction and observe their results. The good results had good actions first and so on. Through observation and analysis you can earn discernment. Or get a guide, read this site, join our discussion groups, send money! Take action!

How to 'change' your vibration to mold your world

Make Music with Your Speech Build and Heal Your Relationships

First relationship is with yourself (You are 4 things that agree or disagree, Your Mother Heart energy, Your Father Explorer energy, Your Child explorer and the Fourth Element of Creation, the Creator)

Your Heart checks you for safety and righteousness and your Brain is in constant explore mode. In the days of Tartaria they used a lot of fancy tech to enhance human lives. We have it a bit easier. All our energy exchanging is 80% molded by the sounds we make. The tone. The inflection. The loudness or quietness. The words and phrases we choose.

The amount of time we listen versus talking. This is THE major influence in our relationship with our self and relations with others and the human group at large. Our sounds literally are our way of perturbation of the Aether or Shaking the Ions. The Tartarians had Carillons (pronounced Care Ions), we have our speech and the sounds we make. Shall we get on with it?

I am a witch? I was asked

The itch of the "W" itch. Which way should I go? Eventually it comes down to the dirt we stand on and how we feel about it. Is it dirt or I am within a Concentrationality of Intentional 'Made' Reality(ies)? Are my tears and fears based on the many tiers of my existence? The Push and Pull of my Heart and Brain fused at the back, not facing each other but viewing 360 independently (note the 3,6 and missing 9 or instead an 'enclosed' circle). Where is it all heading? When do the two sides meet face to face?

The Fourth Element (in your Heart and Mind) breaks the Dome and takes you Home


Make Music with Your Speech Build and Heal Your Relationships

Your existence is led in two directions, toward the Heart, Sympathy and Nurturing and the Exploring Brain. A balance of respect and awe/admiration leads to "the best Life possible" Making Music with your speech will change your vibration/reality/perspective and how you feel and how you see the world. This effort must include removing hateful speech story viewing and hateful speaking conversations.

written by Kevin Gilbert 17.6.2021 All Praise to the Most High

Below are previous writings:

The world presents us with many options, details and stories to help us make and maintain ideas, traditions and things. There are two types of powerful energies plain to see.

There is a Feminine Undulating Implosive and Sympathetic Energy that runs perpetually.

And there is the matching Masculine Bursting Explosive Destruction Energy. We live with both as best as we know how.

This is represented in each person's own body.

The Heart handles all other coding, information and Intelligence. The Heart also handles all matters of the Heart including Love and Intuition.

The Brain gives you data and storage received through the Five Senses and the innumerable functions of the Pineal Gland network including the hunches and ESP.

Under ideal conditions, they are perfectly harmonious in their thinking, calculating and decisions.

In other words, all feedback, responses and application is done through a 'checking' process where each other, the Heart and Brain must validate each other. Natural functions of the body and the mind are truly a masterpiece of design and possibility.

The ability to adapt is magnificent. The level of endurance under varying conditions are unmatched in the Sentient world. We are so amazing we can live with our Brain activity and Heart activity literally having a distance relationship inside our Being while our DNA runs the regeneration/waste management duties.

They (Heart and Brain) can lead and refer to each other at will or simply by 'letting conditions direct' them. In other words, a Sentient Being Blowing in the wind. A Sentient Being Blowing in the Wind can be taken and exploited and used to grow just about anything. This is what we see today. That is quite a spread. From an All Powerful Co Creator of Source allowing itself to 'blow in the wind' to a fully engaged Co Creator of Source Fully Engaged in Creation and everything in between.

This ain't YouTube, this is utbe, metube, Itube, themtube, alltube, notube and everythinginbetweentube. This is congealed Tube. As Creators, we can congeal or un-congeal, anything.

We will show how all the Ancient knowledge combined with Today's Modern Technological ability to detail and aggregate data is providing us with a map and innumerable clues and codes to basically, put Humpty Dumpty back together again. All is Well.

The Kingsmen are too far gone and it is up to us (the regular folk and family) to identify the breadcrumbs and 'level up' toward our new way of 'being'. There is a signal coming toward you, no matter how many million miles you go from Home. You have an antenna in your Mind. It works on 'line of sight'. You can immerse yourself in the explorations of the World and still get the return home signal, whenever you want to, turn your antenna toward the Home signal. All the directions and plans and explanations are in the signal. Being far from home is easy, when you are even aware that you have an antenna like that.

You are the star in the best movie ever. Together, we will uncover thousands of proofs and details that have been there always in the stories, music, numbers and words. Thousands more proofs of what we truly are through observation of Earth, it's Life Forms, the Human body and the Mind. And more in understanding the immeasurable and invisible Force that powers it all and keeps it all arranged in Perfect Order. Invisible, but evidenced throughout.

Leveling up to your best Life possible is done through magic. Magic happens after hard work. magic is hard work. Hard work is magic. Your body works hard, real hard. It is magic. You are magic. You, yea, you.

Hard work comes after you want something, enough to do the hard work. Do you believe in magic? Please proceed. All questions, queries and quests begin with Quiet. Without quiet we will miss some of the details and our Plan will fail. Before you start this hard work so that you too can have magic in your Life, you have to be quiet enough to make a list of details. You will need Clarity. Quiet comes first. When you become quiet enough in your body and mind, then you can see the details, then you list them and then you realize and gain clarity. Do you notice they are in order? While you are in quiet mode, take notice how everything that happens in order seems to be OK and gets completed. Things that are done out of correct order always need a re-start or never get done at all.

Do you agree we modern people engage far too much noise in our minds, too much noise in our agreements and relationships and too much noise in our bodies from weak diet choices. And in some cases too many thoughts of shame/self loathing and/or too much projection of fear and guilt onto others, guilty or not? Therefor, step one is to reduce and eliminate as much noise as possible from your focus, your agreements and your body and mind. Once the noise subsides, the quiet will remain and you can start healing and growing. Next we will outline the steps to getting quiet, making a list, acquiring all the cheat codes of knowledge of everything, applying it.

Get quiet

Make List

Acquire Knowledge

Apply It

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Unfinished Business

We all are familiar with projects that get trashed or left incomplete. In our state we find ourselves, at this time on Earth, our mental capacity appears stepped down along with our emotional state. We appear in many ways and indeed manifest throuh our actions our child like perspectives and view of the world around us and our relationships.

We see the Ages that have come before as Matroyshka Dolls in a way or domes with in domes or concentric circles. Each superior Age 'folded' into the less inferior age. Each inferior Age had to be inferior so it could handle the data and intel that got poured into it from the previous Age.

We come to today after unknown number of Ages. We see ourselves as 'dumbed down' but in reality each of us 8 billion members of Earth is holding a ton of data from all the previous Ages. We think we are Gods as we sense the data in us and also as it gives us comfort in the awesome responsibility we are faced with.

The unfinished business we are faced with is an accumulation of things left undone after many Ages. It looks like an impossible task. It is not.

Each of us can turn to the person next to us and with a non-judge-mental and Open Heart, exchange our data with each other. No one owns any data. We All own the data. When we start to share our Intel and match the desire of our Heart to the Desire of our Brain, all clarity and routes to completion and healing appear.

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