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by Kevin Gilbert May 4 2021 May the Fourth be with you

The more you know, the less you do not know.
The more you know the more you (are) not-ice.

Water is nature's solvent. Drinking the best water and eating foods and raw food that has large water content is great for re-energizing, cleaning and re-vitalizing your Blood, Heart and Brain. I humbly offer to use fruit juicing and raw fruit to cleanse and rehydrate your cells.

The number One organ in your body is a triad organ, The Blood/Heart/Brain. This team organ does it all for you. 10+ trillion little cities, delivering nutrients and Oxygen to every one of the cul-de-sacs in your being. Many of them chained or fused together to make up your organs. Galaxies of solar systems of life forms delivering and picking up, sending directives, keeping an eye on things.

SPECIAL NOTE: If you are 'puffy' or fat it is your body showing evidence of being poisoned. Once you take actions to return to your normal weight and strength, you can resume your life as if it was the first day, with your body renewed. It is more payoff than not changing. HOWEVER:

Removing the poison from your body is two steps. No. 1 - Identifying the poisonous substances you have ingested and what they accomplished inside you. This means making a list of what is poison, what you will eliminate and what your new diet will be. NO. 2 - EQUALLY IMPORTANT: Your body got use to and adapted to what you have done with it. You cannot 'de-tox' or make changes too quickly or your body will protest and you will give up and give in. Use your intellect to pace yourself and overcome issues as they arise.

Science has shown each of these little friends of ours (the 10+ trillion cells) are in communication with the nervous system and each other simultaneously. Ever wonder who else they talk to? Besides their UPS job, they are in the mode of re-creating you, nano nano second by nano nano second. Trillions of times per moment. Every precious moment of our lives. Something from Nothing. Over and over, the Big Bang, right now, inside you, trillions of times a second.

Acknowledging how spectacular you and your bodily functions are is the key to beating the end of the world and your personal discomfort. Second is taking heart felt, intentional action to repair. Your spectacular and amazing body will fill in the rest. Turn your face and intention toward cleaning and learning about your Heart / Blood / Brain organ, you will become repaired and new again.

When I started having the juice of one lemon with a glass of room temp clean water first thing everyday BEFORE I eat anything, it changed my life. Instant craps, full releases, boost of energy and an overall alkaline-ing of our bloodstream. Later on we added a 1/16 teaspoon of 64:1 Elderberry for blood cleaning.

Getting off waste liquid calories works very well. Sugar drinks, sugary coffee, and so on So many added calories to your body that it has to build storage units around your body to temp store it. The reason the body creates blood vessels to your fat pouches is because they are 'working toxic storage facilities'. Your body is keeping you alive by storing the toxins it cannot process at the speed you are sending it.

Changing to water content foods and raw fruits are the way to remove these storage units and return your body to normalcy. Fat is not fat. If you are puffy or fat it is because you are slowly being poisoned to death. The ones who sold you the poisons in the pretty packaging are only a little unfair. The ones who go along and willingly poison themselves are far more unfair. You can start today. You can start now.

I went from 255 to 165 in a year and stayed at that weight and diet till today 6 years. 4+ years in the beginning of (daily 7-10 lbs of fruit into a blender for two people every AM), raw fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, extracts, powders, micro greens, distilled and filtered water plus NO restaurants, no boxed food, no chips, no canola or palm oils. I mean 98%+ in the market is bad for you. How to get out of a hole, first stop digging it. I am stronger these last 6 years than my entire life, I never think of harming innocent creatures. There is a difference between something that has a heart and something that does not. The heart/blood/brain is the key!

Find foods, especially one ingredient foods, that have no 'flavor enhancement industry' (they have exceptional nano tools to trick your brain) constituents, learn about that industry. Your taste buds are replaced / reborn every two weeks, get off that taste for only two weeks and see what real food tastes like. Their tech is only half of what yours is. I started at age 50 - 11 years ago with Dr Fuhrman, went vegan 6 ago, been thru a dozen teachers since Fuhrman.

It is all in your intentions, heart and mind. Make choices away from things that poison you slowly to injury and death. In 2010, I was going to die soon of being poisoned so I made the move to LIVE. For what? To make it through until these times and meet you all!

Dr Morse, Dr Sebi, Dr Fuhrman, all good starting points.

Even today 6 years later we occasionally crave the tastes of the old meat laden dishes but we quickly remember who is serving them and the pains of 6000 animals a second slaughtered in US alone.

Meat slows the body down and runs interference on many of it's natural regenerative functions. A single serving of meat takes 24 to 72 hours to completely run through your body's digestive tract. Most folks on western diets are in a constant state of digestion.  This leads to your blood and digestive tract always concerned with processing hard to digest foods. Instead it would be regenerating you and keeping you young.

We have found that painful thoughts led to foods that comfort, leading to more pain. In the order of things they always work out for the best, when done in order, one thing building on another. Making your blood healthy and strong will aid you greatly. Removing meat is not always possible. Try to cut back and replace with things that digest faster. Try things known to clean blood or neutralize / alkaline your blood. Meat slows the body and the blood down, less is more in this case. It takes far too long to digest and fills the brain and heart with too much fat.

What can I do today?

Every morning, one raw juice of a Lemon, preferably organic into one glass of room temperature water. The water should be filtered and distilled. Stir it a bit nicely, in both directions. Say something nice to the water. First thing before you eat any solid food. After this learn the benefits of raw fruit for repairing ANY sickness or bodily pain.

Try Dr Morse ND on YT for many answers. Wide resources on web but always check with Dr Morse if it is OK.

First thing in your diet in a world gone backwards is fill in the NOTS or undo the KNOTS. Say No to thinking or saying the words no, not, never, should have, could have, would have will bring those exact things into your reality. Especially when any sentence starts with ""I am".

Eliminate or cut back any outside beverages (99% of them contain poison, avoid). Anything that contains canola, palm or most other oils. Use the best Olive and raw Coconut Oil.

Wheat kills people around age 70, same as mortality rate. Slow time bomb killer, kills your epidemical lining, no nutrition, organ failure. Wheat does more damage because it is mixed with calcium based binders in the breads and cakes, these calcium(s) in your ingredients labels get 'sponged' by your sensitive Pineal Gland and causes it to harden.: 

The Pineal gland is the third eye. The third eye is where hunches, intuition and ESP come from. Our pineal connects us to the 'cloud' or group mind we all share and it connects you to your lymbic (there is a live Mandela Effect on this word right now, half the world believes it is spelled limbic) functions and your 'cockpit' where your headless intuition only 'soul driver' lives behind your belly button.

The pineal is more. It is built out of rods and cones exactly like your eyeballs. It can see, literally! It has been observed creating it's own light field around itself. It stands just outside the blood brain barrier as close as you can get to the spinal cord and the lower brain stem and acts as a 'lifeguard' to everything you go through whether from the neo-cortex or the lymbic networks. The Pineal is involved in very important functions to your being.

The Pineal is attacked daily by the bread and wheat products you eat and boxed food that contains calcium carbonates and worse for innocent people taking calcium supplements or additives as these substances absolutely bone-ify and calcify, yes calcify your pineal gland and make it dysfunctional so you cannot get hunches and truth will not reach your brain. For god sakes, get off bread and boxed food and have some raw fruit and fix your pineal and your bloodstream, please, pretty please?

Next article "How Kevin and Nina fixed their Blood / Brain / Heart Organ with Fruit and Love"

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Thera - Th Era - Thought Era

Heart means Human Energy ART

Earth means Energized ART for Humanity

Aether means Air Energy

The Ra means The Sun or The Heart

The Eye of Ra is the Pineal Gland in the Brain

"Thera", an honor term for senior, fully ordained Himalyan Buddhist monks; traditionally one ordained for 10 or more years.

Thira means a wave (vibrations).

Thera was an island until it erupted, formerly Atlantis per Plato. Home of the first language known as PI E Language 

Thera was renamed after the volcano there had the largest eruption in human history.

Th─ôra in Latin spelling is pronounced "tear ah" (Terra?) . (Maybe they were in a big tree?)

Today it is called Santorini.