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Pick a Lane Mrs. SignField!

Our language literally picks a lane for us whenever we think it, read it, write it, or watch it. Language is a Lane Gage for you, your life direction, your relationships, the story of everything and more. Most importantly, it is free to learn and then you can decide which lane your heart desires!

This series aims to show all we know, in concise and easy terms, the knowledge needed to start immediately and the entire story of writing and speaking today and back to the beginning.

Get to know the shapes of letters and numbers and the way they interact. Learn the sounds of words and their order or arrangement. Find and eliminate all the tricky words and phrases that stop or interfere with smooth and flowing dialogue.

Letters and numbers are how we communicate and build. It is also how we organize and store things. It is also what we use to parse, break and hurt things, and people too. They can be used for helping or hurting, as we all have experienced. They literally tell the story of everything when they are put in order of appearance in the numerical and alphabetical.

We uncover and unravel that for you here.

Once the knowledge is known it cannot be unknown. You will feel better and have new and repired relationships. You will love this!

Each shape (incl letters and numbers) have a corresponding color and sound (frequency/vibration) This is an ancient and proven principle. All the words/numbers that we use and their parts have been written down and organized in data centers on the net and in books, the sound of the words and the meanings of the letters show the rhythm / vibration. The key to knowing how to use them to your benefit.

More in the next article. "Letters and Numbers - The Key to Happiness"

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Thera - Th Era - Thought Era

Heart means Human Energy ART

Earth means Energized ART for Humanity

Aether means Air Energy

The Ra means The Sun or The Heart

The Eye of Ra is the Pineal Gland in the Brain

"Thera", an honor term for senior, fully ordained Himalyan Buddhist monks; traditionally one ordained for 10 or more years.

Thira means a wave (vibrations).

Thera was an island until it erupted, formerly Atlantis per Plato. Home of the first language known as PI E Language 

Thera was renamed after the volcano there had the largest eruption in human history.

Th─ôra in Latin spelling is pronounced "tear ah" (Terra?) . (Maybe they were in a big tree?)

Today it is called Santorini.